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We are a surface physics research group at the Department of Materials Science of Chiba University, Japan (group leader; Kazuyuki Sakamoto). Our main interest is to explore exotic low-dimensional physical phenomena on solid surfaces, and organic and inorganic ultra-thin films.

Surface Nano Physics Group

Beamtime at Elettra, Italy (TK,YN, and KS)

Beamtime at SAGA Light Source, Japan (TI, KC, RS, and KS)

Beamtime at SAGA Light Source, Japan (RI, KK, and KS)

Experiment at IFM, Linkoeping Univ., Sweden (TK and YN; KS from Nov. 1 to 7)

KS gave an invited talk at the "14th International Conference on Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures (ACSIN-14)"@Sendai, Japan

KS attended the Report Meeting of the "3D Active-Site Project"@Ibaraki Univ., Japan

TK gave a talk at the JPS fall meeting@Doshisha Univ. Japan

Group trip to Yamanaka-ko

KS attended the ECOSS-34 conference@Aahus, Denmark and visit MAX IV laboratory, Sweden

KS gave an invited talk at the "3rd Asia-Pacific Symposium on Solid Surfaces & Cross-Strait Symposium on Solid Surfaces"@Pohang, Korea

Beamtime at Elettra, Italy (KS)

KS gave a seminar at Osaka University, Japan

Experiment at ISSP, U-Tokyo (TK, YN, and KS)

Beamtime at SAGA Light Source, Japan (YN and KS)

KS was awarded the title of Fellow by the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science

Bowling with Dr. Bando's group!

Start of a new fiscal year!

One new member join our group! Welcome RS!!

Farewell party!! YS, DH, NM, TW, NI, and YT, you are always welcome!

Graduation ceremony of Chiba University for the graduate students

Congrats Yang, Daichi, Nobu, and Takashi

KS gave a talk at a symposium in the 73th JPS annual meeting

@Tokyo Science Univ., Japan

Graduation ceremony of Chiba University for the undergraduate students

Congrats Natsu, Takahiro, Yutaro, and Yoshitaka

Congratulation Yutaro for the "Best student of the Nanosciences department" award!

Congratulation Yothitaka for the "Excellent presentation prize" of your thesis!

KS attended the 7th report meeting of the “3D Active-Site Science Project”

@Hiroshima City Univ., Japan

Yoshitaka got the poster prize at the 22nd HiSOR symposium.


YN gave a presentation at the 22nd Hiroshima International Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation@Hiroshima Univ. Japan

KS gave a talk at the 1st HiSOR workshopt on spin physics@HiSOR, Japan

Four new members join our group! Welcome TI, RI, RS, and KC.

Experiment at HiSOR (KS)

Experiment at ISSP, U-Tokyo (TK, YN, and KS)

Defense of BSc theses (NI, TK, YT, YN)

Defense of MSc theses (YS, DH, NM, and TW)

KS attended the symposium of the “Nano-Material Manipulation and Structural Order Control with Optical Forces” project@Osaka Univ., Japan

Invited Prof. Liu of Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China

Experiment at HiSOR (KK, YN, and KS)

Surface Nano Physics Group

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